Ladies, Here’s 18 Ways to Feel Pretty in Dallas

We Are All Pretty.

Being pretty is about how you feel.

I love to go out and enjoy what Big D has to offer on the weekends.  There’s so much to do whether it’s BBQing at a friend’s house, going to the Dallas Zoo, or visiting the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. Of course, when I’m out and about in the city I like to look nice and it takes time and effort to look nice.

It’s almost the weekend again! I’m not sure what I’ll do this weekend, but I know it’s time to get pretty! My Saturdays are the days I spoil myself.

What can we as ladies do to feel pretty?

  1. Sport a new hairstyle.
  2. Treat yourselves to a facial.
  3. Lighten your hair.
  4. Darken your hair.
  5. Whiten your teeth.
  6. Do yoga.
  7. Listen to some great music.
  8. Shape your eyebrows.
  9. Eliminate wrinkles.
  10. Buy jewelry.
  11. Get a pedicure.
  12. Find new lipstick.
  13. Go tanning.
  14. Purchase high heels.
  15. Lose 10 lbs.
  16. Smile.
  17. Dance.
  18. Dress up!

What’s your favorite activity to feel pretty? My friends and I always pay attention to our hair. Hair is big in Dallas. We get our hair cut often and change the color whenever we need a pick me up. I also, am very particular about having unwanted hair, hence why I started a medical spa.  I like to have smooth, glowing, young-looking skin all the time. Is there something that you always do to feel pretty?

To feel pretty, it’s important that we take care of ourselves both physically and emotionally. Sometimes, that means going to a professional for a service and other times it’s simply changing our mindset. At Evanesque, we help women to look pretty by whitening teeth, providing facials, removing unwanted hair, offering botox, spray tanning, and massages.

Evanesque is an Uptown Dallas medical spa, offering laser hair removal, teeth whitening, spray tanning, as well as Botox treatments for Dallas and Fort Worth residents.

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