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Will Sunless Spray Tanning in Dallas Reduce Common Tanning Bed Skin Problems?

Getting a bronzed look can definitely make you feel good about yourself, raise your self confidence, and make you look healthy and attractive to others, but does more sun and darker tone mean you are healthier? If you got your dark skin tones through tanning beds and aggressive exposure to the sun, many would argue […]

Botox- A Cure for Excessive Sweating, Sweaty Palms & Underarms?

Learn many other uses for Botox than softening facial wrinkles. Botox is a very nice deterrant of sweaty palms, underarms, and other excessively sweaty areas that can sometimes make everyday life difficult for people this afflicts.

Underarm Laser Hair Removal Video Demo

Hey all, it’s Jeff again. I’m about to demonstrate a quick laser hair removal treatment on my wife’ underarms in the Dallas med spa office. It only takes a few pulses per session for small areas of hair removal using a laser (here’s a little secret: my wife has had hair-free underarms for over four […]

CANDELA Mini Gentle Lase Laser

Jeff Rader of Evanesque Dallas Laser Hair Removal & Botox explaining the CANDELA Mini Gentle Lase Laser.