Alternative to Tanning Beds in Dallas – Spray Tanning is the NEW Rage

More and more people, men and women, alike obsess with having a sun-kissed skin all-year-round. Whether it makes them feel better about themselves or they simply want to try out a different look it doesn’t matter  today’s men and women are obsessed with looking good year round.

Kristin Perrotta from Allure magazine says,

“There are a wide range of ways to get a good tan. Today, products are made readily available from the racks to give you an instant glow. However, one of the mostly-used artificial tanning techniques used by many is the spray tan booth.”

Spray tanning has become a favorite for red heads, pregnant women and those prone to sunburn easily along with hundreds of thousands of women who prefer to opt for a more natural approach that leaves better results than rub on lotions or toxic UV ray lights.So how do you make sure that you’re getting a good deal?

What makes the perfect fully automatic spray tan booth? Take a look at what we have to say: First, designers of the tanning booth must understand clearly the technical performance of the tanning medium. The DHA solution should be delivered onto the body in the most efficient and most effective way possible. The booth manufacturer need to highly consider the method by which the tanning medium is delivered. For instance, some designers use compressed air. This atomizes the tanning medium.

Others use a dynamically charged hydraulic system which is noted to produce good atomization as well.Many people consider sunbed tanning to be a pleasant and relaxing experience. – This is, as compared to other systems which produce fog which can be a huge source of discomfort for those who have sensitive allergies.

Machines are known to produce a finer mist which give the clients an even more seamless tan.For most customers, spray tanning is a relatively new experience.It is very important that the customer be introduced properly of the whole process. Some machines have an automated user voice instructions. This gives the customers a better understanding and orientation on what to expect throughout the process. This also gives the customer more confidence about what she is about to undergo and yield better results as well.Cleanliness matters.

Your machine you step in too should look presentable, clean, sanitized and ready for each of its clients after every treatment. This makes a good wash down highly necessary. Other machines have the option to wash itself using integrated waste tanks and fresh water while other machines need to be connected to the main water supply.Another very important factor to consider when finding the perfect machine is your health and safety.  A modern spray tanning booth should come with a footprint and should offer enough space for the customer to fit inside the booth.

The other working components of the booth needs to be properly enclosed using a separate lockable area. This area is responsible for holding clean and waste water ensuring that all solutions are held securely.By no doubt, spray tanning is not as widely used as tanning booths or beds however more and more people are opting for a purer more sun kissed look that will not leave residue, sun damage or chemical compound combination’s.  Spray Tanning is the newest rage and gives excellent results. Looking for a salon near you that offer’s the best in Spray tanning? We offer hand sculpted spray tanning which is perfect for weddings, special events, modeling, pictures, pageants, dates and those who prefer a non chemical approach, check us out at Evanesque!

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