Botox and The Celebrities Who Love It….

The popularity of Botox seems to be spreading all over the nation. Since the beginning of its discovery, Botox was kind of frowned upon as it can create a look on ones face of an emotionless robot! Especially in the forehead and frown line areas. Botox is now a way of life, especially in Hollywood. Some people would be surprised to know how many celebrities seem to be subtly using this product for the upkeep of their appearance and to keep that youthful, tight skin look.

Janice Dickinson

Janice Dickinson

How Botox essentially works is that it’s a protein called botulinum toxin that came about in the 1960’s originally used by opthamologist to help eye patients. It became popular in the late 1980’s and started being used in plastic surgery centers. When it is used in low quantities, it actually relaxes the muscles on your face that are responsible for wrinkles and other unsightly crevices. The moveable muscles on your face are restricted from contracting for a period of time. It usually takes about two-three days until you will see any difference in your facial features. Once the protein settles in, the results will last for a period of three to four months. The chemical is mixed with saline and administered through a very thin needle that is connected to a tiny syringe. The needle is then inserted into the areas wish to be treated and the toxin is supplied into the facial tissue. It’s a relatively safe and painless procedure and it only takes a few minutes until the treatment is completed.

Celebrities that use Botox on a regular basis include Janice Dickinson, Jenny McCarthy, Simon Cowell, David Hasselhoff, Virginia Madsen, and Fergie. Janice Dickinson as admitted on having cosmetic surgery in the past to enhance particular parts of her body. However, she confesses that going to have Botox injections helps keep her face youthful and smooth looking. It’s something that is done on a regular basis, every 2 -3 months typically. From the male perspective, David Hasselhoff has no qualms for anyone to know that he has used Botox. He knows first-hand how many people in Hollywood routinely use it to keep of their appearance. So, as you can see, Botox is no longer taboo among the people of Tinsletown and it is now becoming second nature to cities beyond. Baby boomers are everywhere have discovered the secret for keeping wrinkles at bay.

Botox is here to stay; there is no two ways about that. Anyone that is considering it should get with their physician first to make sure that it is right for them. Be sure to also do your homework before selecting a person and place to administer your Botox. Be sure to have a registered nurse or doctor do the injections. Many places take short cuts and do not have licensed providers or offer water down product which can be dangerous and deliver negative results. Evanesque MedSpa in uptown Dallas, Texas offers Botox by appointment and has hundreds of clients that boast of the amazing results they receive. Call today and set up an appointment – 214.575.5252

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