CANDELA Mini Gentle Lase Laser

Hey, it’s Jeff Rader. I thought I would make this short video talking about one of our main lasers we use for laser hair removal in the Dallas office. It’s actually quite different than many other lasers because you can use it on many different skin types with quick results (some lasers do not do as well on lighter complexes or hair). Also, the laser’s heat cools really fast using what they call the Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD). We’ve used the CANDELA Mini Gentle Lase Hair Removal Laser here in our Dallas medical spa office for a few years now.

More Medical Spa Videos to Come
This is my first video of hopefully many more in the future. My wife Barbara and I, our tech Sherrie, as well as some special guests, will be sharing with you some frequently asked questions, as well as some videos and instructions on many common med spa services in Dallas including laser hair removal, Botox, Microdermabrasion, Micro-current in order to remove the mystery and any fear you may have about getting one of these services for yourself. Join us on our journey as we begin blogging.

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