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Dallas Laser Hair Removal For Men- Back Hair – The Hairy Truth!

Aesthetically speaking , hairy backs are way down the list of desired body features in our world. Broad backs = good Strong backs = good Toned backs = good, but Hairy Backs = Not so much… Of course you can have your partner shave you every week or so, or you can live life assuring […]

Six Reasons to Get Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal

There’s one particular conversation that us girls have, and often compare notes. Although styles and preferences have changed over the years, it seems the consensus over the last 20 years has been when it comes to bikini lines, “less is more.”  With the option to go from no hair to barely there, laser hair removal […]

8 Reasons to Get Your Unibrow Lasered

A unibrow, also known as monobrow is the the presence of abundant hair between the eyebrows, so that they seem to converge to form one uniform eyebrow.  After 15  or more years in modern American vocabulary, parody sites, pop references, and news citations,  unibrow was added to the Webster Dictionary in 2006.  In Western perception […]

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Dallas & LA TV Host Hilary Kennedy Visits for Laser Hair Removal

Hilary Kennedy of KFWD Channel 52 and Homes and Lifestyle Television on NBC5 visits Evanesque again to get her questions about laser treatment answered by Sherry and have her first treatment. On her last visit, Hilary received spray tanning for a New Year’s hosting gig. Look for Hilary’s second and third video about her laser […]