Celebrities Give Botox A Bad Name? The Truth Revealed

As an owner of a medspa we get thousands of questions a month about Botox. What is it? How does it work? Will I be able to move my face? Will I look like Heidi Montag? Will I look like Joan Rivers? Is it poison? Many people are still hesitant to try Botox because of the celebrities they see on TV that tend to overdue their treatment. The general public does not want to look plastic. The desire for most is just to look rested and to smooth out a few lines. Botox is definitely a great solution. priscilla-presley-botched-botox

It is important to find a good injector for Botox. Find a professional that truly listens to you and be wary of the injector that just comes in and starts poking. Different patterns are available to achieve various results. Did you know you can have an eye brow lift? Or, if the corners of your mouth pull down they can be lifted too.
For optimum results, Botox treatments should be maintained quarterly. The goal of the injections is to weaken the strength of the wrinkle causing muscle. Over time the Botox wears off and the muscle begins to strengthen again. That is when you need to call for your next appointment. You do not want the muscle to regain full movement. Over time, less Botox is needed to achieve the same results because the muscle remains in a more weakened state. With a little bit of budgeting anyone can plan for Botox treatments and the results are so amazing most clients figure out a way. You don’t have to overdue your look and be careful of anyone over-promising results or offering unique, one-of-a-kind Botox at extremely high prices or extremely low prices.
Botox Injection Dallas- Evanesque

Across the board averages depend on where you live. The northern part of the US is the most expensive and southern the least. Expect to pay between $10-$15 per unit or $250- $1,125 per treatment. Be weary of folks offering in-home Botox parties, especially if alcohol is served. Botox should always be performed by a doctor or licensed nurse practitioner who is familiar with the procedure and the delicate nature in which it should be performed.

Check out some before and after pics of celebrities and regular folks that have had good and not so good success!

Evanesque is an Uptown Dallas medical spa, offering laser hair removal, teeth whitening, spray tanning, as well as Botox treatments for Dallas and Fort Worth residents.

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