Dallas Laser Hair Removal For Men- Back Hair – The Hairy Truth!

laser Hair Removal For Men in Dallas

Aesthetically speaking , hairy backs are way down the list of desired body features in our world.

  • Broad backs = good
  • Strong backs = good
  • Toned backs = good,
  • but Hairy Backs = Not so much…

Of course you can have your partner shave you every week or so, or you can live life assuring that no one ever sees your back, or you can remove the hair and get to work on the Strong, Toned & Broad part of the equation. Laser Hair Removal for the male back is a very popular and common treatment for guys that have unwanted hair in excess.

The process is very simple; Find a reputable Laser Hair Removal Specialist, with the most effective hair removal laser. The clear choice (in my opinion) is the Candela GentleLase Mini. It is both fast and effective. Then, plan to go through a series of 6-7 treatments at 6 week intervals. The 6 week interval is critical to the success of the process. Our hair grows in cycles and the 1st cycle of growth is the best opportunity to destroy the hair follicle. During the 1st phase (Anagen) the hair has its most color or melanin. The melanin is the trait that allows the laser to deliver maximum heat to the hair bulb in order to destroy it.

The pitfalls to treating the male back are these: Fairly expensive (Very large treatment area), easy to miss some spots as the laser operator must be very meticulous on an area this large.

The biggest caution we see is that guys forget to stay true to the process. i.e. they see the hair disappear after 1 treatment and assume the hair disappearance is permanent and that they won’t need all 6-7 treatments. They then get way off schedule and are surprised when their results are not what they had hoped for.

The good news- If you do go to a reputable operator with a good laser and laser technician and are steadfast about being treated every 6 weeks, the results are incredible and permanent.

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