3 Reasons Dallas Women Choose Juvederm Over Facelifts


Everyone knows smiling is sexy, but the lines it leaves on your face, not so much. You don’t have to invest in creams that don’t work or expensive, invasive surgery. Juvederm is the less painful remedy that doesn’t cost a fortune and actually works.
Juvederm is a quick, easy procedure that has almost instant results. A simple shot into your trouble areas can leave you looking years younger after just one visit. Smile or “parentheses” lines are those annoying lines that frame your mouth over the years.  Fortunately, you don’t need the wrinkles to prove you’re happy. Many people get vertical lines around his/her lips, due to natural muscle movements, but over time these wrinkles can leave your mouth looking droopy or even resemble a frown. With Juvederm, there’s no reason to tolerate those pesky wrinkles. Scared of jumping in? Don’t be! Here’s 3 great reasons Dallas women are choosing Juvederm over facelifts

1. Non-Invasive – Some procedures can leave you in pain for days, or worse, leave you out of commission completely. More invasive techniques cause major inflammation and can leave your face red, irritated, and greatly bruised. With Juvederm, there’s a small injection in to the wrinkle site. This may cause slight swelling or bruising, but only lasts a day or two.
2. Less Expensive– Facelifts and other surgeries can be very expensive. Juvederm is a great alternative to spending tons of money and can cost almost a fifth less than a going under the knife.
3. Great Results – With more and more people giving Juvederm a try, there’s no telling just how many people have done it, but there’s a good chance you know a few people who have. This is an easy way to wipe years off your face and get a glowing, younger look in no time.

Evanesque offers the facelift alternative in Dallas. Since 2004, their Uptown location has provided women and men with medical spa services including Botox, Juvederm, spray tanning, and other services.

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