Eight Ways Men Could Remove Hair Without a Laser, but Shouldn’t


  1. Pluck – We’ve all played this game you can’t win. You pull out those rusty tweezers packed away deep in the medicine cabinet. You can’t ever get the right angle, but when you do it’s not tears of joy streaming from your eyes down your face, it’s tears of pain.
  2. Burn – Hair can be burned off using a common cigarette lighter. The problem is it smells and you could light your flesh on fire. Unless you’re doing this on a dare with a large payoff, this isn’t the most advisable way to get rid of unwanted hair.
  3. Yank – You can try pulling those stray nose hairs out by using your index finger and thumb as human tweezers. It’s the same result as metal tweezers, you’ll cry like a baby and you’ll have noone to blame but yourself.
  4. Boil – Hair will come out in boiling water as evidenced by the boiling of the wild boar for those summer Hawaiian luals, unfortunately your skin might melt off too, but the hair will be gone.
  5. Shave – The old fashioned way which never goes away. You’ll inevitably get ingrown hairs and razor bumps. I’ll admit there is something mantastic about the ritual or process of lathering up the cream and the art of shaving where your sideburns are lined up just right. Do you get the same feeling shaving your back? Or having your spouse or girlfriend do it for you? Yeah, me either. Fortunately, I haven’t had to do it for the last five years because of laser hair removal.
  6. Cream – There are certain creams which cause skin to release their grasp at the follicle level. According to Wired Magazine, this is how Nair, a popular hair removal cream works: “a sulfur-hydrogen atom group gives thiols their sharp scent. They eat into keratin (a skin and hair protein), which is what makes actual skunk spray (and Nair) lock onto human flesh and fuzz. If the process stopped there, the result would be a home perm — weakened hairs can be easily shaped into curls.” Do you want sulfur eating your keratin?
  7. Pills – According to eHow.com, one side effect of taking estrogen pills is a loss of facial hair. This would typically only be taken by men wanting to become women, although they are prescribed for other reasons such as prostate cancer prevention and treatment.
  8. Shock – Although electrolysis works on both light dark hair, according to About.com “the pain from electrolysis is greater than laser and it may feel like 20 pricks to your one for laser hair removal.”

Do yourself a favor and go with the laser over all these other methods. Evanesque offers laser hair removal for men in Dallas including  feet, nose, face, back, neck, and any other areas to get laser hair removal. Get 50% off one session of natural spray tanning in Dallas, by adding your cell number to Evanesque’s specials offers club located here.

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