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More and more the general public is falling in love with the magic affects of Botox. There was a time Botox users were very secretive about their injections, today people are becoming much more open and actually passing along referrals.  But if you have not taken the Botox plunge yet, there are a few things worth considering.

How is it sold?
Botox is sold either by the number of units injected or by the area treated.  I believe the most fair way is by the unit. By the area is very vague and you may pay $199 for one area when in fact, if you paid by the unit, it may have only cost you $98 for that area.  This a fact, rarely  will a place  give you more units than what the $199 covers but they will give you less.

Dilution Ratio
A vile of Botox once opened must be properly mixed. The dilution protocol is 2.5ml of sterilized saline per vial which equates to 100 units of Botox. Take it a step further, imagine a business that dilutes each vial with 3ml of saline, now that vial suddenly contains 120 units of Botox in a more diluted, less effective form. The prescribed dilution rate will provide the best results that  last approximately 3-4 months. Sometimes when you see an advertisement for a really good deal, it’s quite possible that the dilution rate has been compromised and that your results will not last as long. (The saying is true….”You get what you pay for” )

The Injector Matters
Do your homework by asking friends where they go for Botox. Be sure you like the results on that person you are asking. Does it look natural?  There are places that will inject everyone with the same pattern or over inject, when really fewer units are needed. You should feel comfortable with your injector and be able to discuss your expectations. It is important that a trained and qualified injector administer your Botox. Be sure your injector is either a registered nurse, physician’s assistant or a doctor.  An esthetician should NOT be administering Botox.

There is not a cream or serum out there that can give you the results of Botox. It is amazing and can take years off your face without taking away your expressions. Results from Botox will begin to take affect three days after your injections and typically take up to a full 10-12 days before your maximum results are achieved. If you are planning around a specific event you will want to keep this information in mind when scheduling your appointment. You can expect the results to last approximately 3-4 months. I always tell clients to budget for it quarterly. Staying consistent will actually lessen the amount you need over time because the muscle is already in a weakened state.

Bottom Line
Botox is here to stay. Start budgeting for it just like you do your hair color. You will love looking in the mirror at the younger, refreshed face looking back!

Barbara Rader
Evanesque Med Spa, Owner

Evanesque is an Uptown Dallas medical spa, offering laser hair removal, teeth whitening, spray tanning, as well as Botox treatments for Dallas and Fort Worth residents.

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