Grooming and Why it Matters…

When people think about beauty, the last thing they can ever think about is hygiene. However, if you do a search for best looking people, what you are usually directed to are popular blogs like those from The New York Times and The Newsweek Magazine Health Section highlighting the fact that most beautiful people are considered to be the most well-groomed and neat men and women you will ever see. This is something that comes as no surprise, since most of the popular men and women are people that the general public adores and these folks are generally neat and good-looking. Rarely do you see some good-looking person that is not well-maintained in his or her personal grooming and hygiene.

Think of famous people in the field of showbiz, for example. Most celebrities do not look the way they do today without a little help. It could sometimes be because they have the income to maintain the most expensive ingredients in beauty products and always maintain very decent beauty regimens throughout their life.The survey recently conducted by Synovate could not agree more.According to the recently released report by Synovate, the most handsome men across the globe are usually either very neat people who do so much to maintain good hygiene regimen or those men who prioritize trying to maintain cleanliness more than any means of looking great.In the aspect of maintaining great cleaning regiments, it has also been shown in the survey that the top-three most-acquired grooming items by most of the men in all different markets are:

  1. Deodorant
  2. Whitening toothpaste
  3. Cologne or after-shave

 Of course, these products are not the main factors that make these men beautiful but if we want to know more about how grooming maintains the general opinion of people about beauty, there could be nothing more ideal than to discuss such things.ÂÂ

To paraphrase the survey results, here are the findings of Synovate on the products used by most men in maintaining good hygiene:

  • More than a majority of US consumers are driven by the pursuit of the ‘Hollywood smile,’ Synovate said.Overall, 56% of male respondents, mostly composed of US consumers, use grooming products specifically designed or marketed to men.
  • More than a majority of men also tend to think more difficult and stereotypical things – such as muscles and dressing well – were more important than hygiene.

Clearly, what we are shown in this conducted survey is that among the many things that constitute what most people generally consider as pretty, cleanliness is always considered a prime factor. No man should ever hesitate now to try products that not only are not vanity products, but also great solutions for maintaining that great good look. Here are some of our personal favorites,

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