Hair Removal for Men in Five Unusual Places


Did you know, extra hair in unusual places has been linked to having higher than average testosterone in men?  Scalp baldness has been linked as well. Interesting little joke Mother Nature plays on us men; we can grow hair everywhere, but where we want it to grow.  If you have hair or have had hair in any of these places, you’re not alone. To be honest with you, these areas for hair removal on men are not that unusual, they are actually quite common. They are typically kept quite because men don’t feel they are acceptable areas even when joking with our buddies, and may feel embarrassed.  Seeing men come in day in and day out to get laser hair removal in our Dallas office, I can assure you, these are quite ordinary occurrences.

1. Hair on men’s cheeks– After shaving for ten-to-fifteen years, some men will start seeing a few, to a dozen, dark hairs pop up a little too far outside their beard line. They could appear in the middle of the face, or on high check bones. The girlfriend or wife might even notice on a no shave weekend and decide to start plucking away. Some men have decided to save themselves from this torture and get these pesky hairs removed forever by laser. Yes, they are random, and yes, they are annoying (not the women, the hairs ). Eradicate these little buggers.

2. Hair on the top of men’s feet– Some men might start noticing this in junior high along with athlete’s foot and laser-hair-removal-for-men-dallas-legsunderarm growth. Ever since J.R.R. Tolkien books came out and cartoons and movies were made featuring Hobbits and creatures with hairy feet, other men have found something to poke fun of on their more testosterone-filled brethren. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard men tell me this in my office. How they thought it was cool at first, but their pals wouldn’t let up. After their mothers started in on it, this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. They started to shave or use hair removal cremes (the most popular brand name rhyming with “Flair”). I won’t lie to you, since there isn’t much fat on men’s feet, you should probably plan to come a little early and get the numbing gel. The laser stings just a little, but it’s worth it not to be called “Hobbit feet.”

3. Hair on the back of men’s necks – This area effects everyman who is not completely and naturally bald. This area is less unusual,  just more of an annoyance for those men who wear their hair very short. You’re at the barber and they ask if you’d like it squared or rounded. If you’re like me, you don’t really care, but you know you’re going to have some issues in the next few days with in-grown hairs if they aren’t too gentle when trimming back there. Forget about this, take care of those “Dracula teeth.”  It will save you money if you’re always going to the barber just to “get a neck trim.”

4. Hair on the top of men’s noses – This can be as frustrating as heck for some men. This hair may appear as blackhead pimples to others, but upon further examination, it’s tiny dark hairs. If you shave it, it could come back with a raging force, if you pluck it, it could possibly do the same. Get rid of these as soon as you see them. Get them lasered  in a package deal with other undesirable places and you’ll be glad you did.

5. Hair on men’s ears – This starts in your late 20s and early 30s and continues on with age.  These hairs start getting longer and longer, appearing not only in, but on top of the cartilage of your ears. Sometimes laser hair removal can help with this, sometimes it cannot. If the hairs are clear or blond,  it’s less likely hair removal will help because there is not enough hair melanin (which gives hair its color) for the laser to latch on and do its work.

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  1. Keiko says:

    The images in this article are too funny. However, having excessive or unwanted hair can be frustrated and the solution is to consider the modern and well controlled procedure – Laser