Laser Hair Removal for Men in Dallas

Contrary to popular belief, it is not only women who feel embarrassed about the amount of hair they have on their body. Laser hair removal for men is growing in popularity as more men than ever are resisting the urge to have a manly image and they are getting rid of their body hair.

How is the laser hair removal process completed? First, a cool gel is applied to the skin which protects against the intense beam of light that is used destroy the hair follicle and inhibit the growth of new hair. An intense light beams at various intervals is applied to the skin which can cause damage to the follicle, after multiple treatments the follicle eventually becomes destroyed and hair growth is impossible.

Laser hair removal for men is a welcome alternative to other methods of quelling unwanted hair, such as; tweezing, waxing, electrolysis and shaving. Men are getting popular parts of the body lasered such as; the back, chest, even the face and area in between the eyebrows.

Laser hair removal is performed at a recognized clinic at various intervals and has a low recovery time. When the patient undergoes the treatment they can continue with their normal activities within hours of the treatment being completed.

The procedure is relatively painless as no needles or blades are used in the hair removal process. In as little as a few sessions the treatments can begin to be effective to slow the growth of hair and reduce the appearance of unwanted hair on the body. The pain factor of this process has been compared to the feeling of tiny flicks on the skin of a rubber band.

Unfortunately, many men have thicker and darker hair which means that additional treatments may be required to rid the body of the excess hair. There is something else that can prove a problem for hair removal technicians while using lasers. Many men have tanned skin, if your skin is tanned or you are of a darker pigmentation than the skin may be susceptible to blistering. Dark hair is actually easier to laser as it easily absorbs the laser.

There are risks to the treatment of the skin that has been treated becoming discolored. This could include darkening or lightening of the pigmentation that has been effected or the skin suffering from burning from the intense light which could cause blistering or the appearance of the skin to change. The hair growth which results could be changed; some people have experienced different color and texture of hair that is re-grown in the area.

Although the treatments come at a costly expense, for many men this expense is worth not having unwanted body hair. These treatments can cost upwards of one-hundred dollars each time the procedure is performed and can take multiple times to become an effective method of hair removal. For most, this is worth it, as the cost can often yield positive results that leave the men hairless in all the right areas. 

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