Laser Hair Removal- Here’s the scoop

Laser Hair removal is fast becoming a staple procedure for many thousands of people. Unwanted hair can be eliminated or at least greatly reduced. Laser Hair Removal (LHR) is a multi step process. The hair follicles are literally destroyed via the transmission of heat (caused by the laser pulse) through the hair shaft to the bulb. When the hair has it’s most color (melanin) the Alexandrite (755nm) laser (for skin types 1-3) is most effective. Because hair grows in cycles and the earliest part of growth phase brings with it the most melanin that’s the ideal time to destroy a hair follicle.

The laser will sufficiently damage the hair follicles so that about ten days after being treated the hairs will begin to evacuate themselves from the skin (much like a splinter will , only with no pain). You will be able to see the process as the hair begins to fall out. Now you have the result you have hoped for. But , wait a minute, while you may seem mostly hair free in the treated area (and you are very happy about this), this will only last for about 3-4 more weeks. Then your ready for your second treatment. This pattern will repeat itself until you have completed about six treatments. After which you should have way less, if any visible hair in the treated area. The great thing about the LHR process is that for about half of the time between treatments you will be generally hair free and after the six treatments you will be good to go for years.

It is critical in our experience, to be committed to a scheduled treatment regimen at 5-6 week intervals. As the new cycle of hair growth occurs the laser needs to be applied. The schedule and the hair growth cycles work together such that your growth cycles will get in sync with your treatments and you will get the hair reduction/removal you are hoping for.

The end result will be softer smoother, hairless looking skin area that will feel soft and smooth much like the underside of a (typical) females’ forearm. Also the visibility of the pores where the hair once grew will decrease markedly if not completely disappear.

We have gotten the best results using the Candela GentleLase Mini. It’s the fastest, least painful and most effective laser that we have found and our clients heartily agree. As an example, treating a females’ underarms or bikini area takes less than ten minutes, then they’re on their way back to work or play or wherever.

Stay out of the sun and stay on schedule, don’t wax, tweeze, or depiltate between treatments and this process works wonderfully well. Be sure you are a good candidate and that your laser center and laser operator are well trained and very good at operating the laser safely and effectively. There are many great Q&As for LHR at Evanesque.

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3 Responses to “Laser Hair Removal- Here’s the scoop”

  1. Andrew Pelt says:

    ohh?nice post but really?/? 😛

  2. Sue says:

    I have been having laser hair removal done on my entire face and neck for over ten years. On a regular basis. Although I see good results in some areas of the face…other areas still grow thick dark hair. This is a lifetime process for me…dont believe it if youre told 6 treatments will do it….Ive had at least 30!

  3. admin says:

    hair growth is different for everyone. However if you are consistently getting it done by a professional 6 treatments usually does the trick. skin color , hair follicle color and types of lasers used can also determine the effectiveness. What type of lasers are you using and do you have any grey hair or have darker skin?