Laser Hair Removal in Dallas Unplugged

What is laser hair removal?  There are many types of laser hair removal ranging in methods which are used to remove the hair and the costs which are associated with each procedure. As the general properties of laser hair removal, light is used to remove the hair from the skin. The intense beam of light is set to pulsate against the skin which will remove unwanted hair. There are many parts of the body that laser hair removal is used, these are; the legs, armpits, chin, upper lip and the bikini line. These are not inclusive, as laser hair removal is performed on a variety of body parts.

Is laser hair removal painful? Each patient is different; therefore some patients associate laser hair removal as painful. There are various types of laser hair removal and therefore the level of pain associated with each can be different, depending on the technique that is used to remove the hair.  For example, Evanesque uses a special device called GentleLASE Dynamic Cooling Device in conjunction with the laser. This device sprays the upper layers of skin with a cooling burst of cryogen just prior to the laser pulse for added comfort. A demonstration video using this technique can be viewed on our website. A beam of light is used to destroy the hair follicle, which is required for hair to grow. The light is used to create heat which destroys the follicle upon impact. At this point, the hair removal process has been successful in removing the hair. A cool gel is used to protect the skin from the intense light.

Is laser hair removal permanent? Often, patients require multiple treatments to gain the results that they wish for, the permanent removal of hair from a certain area of the body. Laser hair removal often slows the growth of the hair as the follicle must repair itself in order to re-grow hair, but to see permanent results multiple treatments of laser hair removal therapy must be completed. Results can be seen from months to several years depending on the course of treatment that has been completed.

There are many reasons that laser hair removal is completed. Patients pay very well for the procedure, which is used as an alternative to shaving, waxing and other painful and less effective methods of hair removal.

There are various risks to undergoing the laser hair treatment course, these include; the inability for the laser to remove short hairs from the body, the lightening of the skin where the laser treatment procedure has been completed, darkening of the skin where the treatment has been performed, blistering due to the high levels of heat which are created from the lights which are used during the laser hair treatment, growth changes when new hair appears in the area that has been lasered. Complications can occur, depending on the type of your skin and the sensitivity levels which are seen in the skin after the procedure has been completed.

Photos are taken at the procedure which can help to narrow the course of treatment and show the patient the before and after picture. Speaking with the laser technician can ensure that all of your expectations are met throughout the course of the treatment. Costs depend on the area that is being treated as well as the setting in which the laser treatments are being offered. 

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