Microcurrent Facials: A Great Alternative to Facelifts

Microcurrent facials are a great way to look younger without the costs, recovery time and invasive procedures that are used when a patient receives a facelift. These types of treatments have been available for the last sixty years and are always being reworked to create procedures which offer the best results. There are many types of facial treatments available.

How does the Microcurrent facial work? Tiny electrical signals are sent to the skin on the face to reach the muscles and surrounding tissues to invoke the skin to produce higher levels of collagen. These muscles are given a mini-workout which can help to promote the collagen production and tones the muscles within the face. After these muscles become toned the appearance is a reduced-wrinkle appearance followed by tighter skin. Tighter skin is the key to a youthful appearance.

How long will the results last from the treatments? Microcurrent facials are often best suited for short term results but can result in a more permanent result when these treatments are used on a regular basis. When you wish to see dramatic results from the procedure, you should partake in regular treatments which can create a whole new look for the skin.

Facial rejuvenation in Dallas, a top search for women looking for an alternative to a facelift, creates changes to the skin from the inside out. These treatments offer great results at a more affordable cost and with little down time.

What type of maladies within the skin can be treated with the use of regular Microcurrent facials? If you suffer from sagging skin and wrinkle lines, and are seeking a sculpted and youthful looking face then there are many benefits to undergoing a Microcurrent facial device. After even one treatment the patient will experience an increase in their skin tone and tighter skin resulting from the procedure. Microcurrent treatments can often increase the complexion and reduce any breakouts that may occur from the skin being unhealthy. Microcurrent treatments can even change the appearance of the skin creating a sculpted image. Combine this with the fact that the patient often experiences a healthy glow because of the increased production of collagen and can even firm up the skin over a period of time. Microcurrent treatments are one of the only non-invasive treatments that can tighten the skin over the eyebrows and create the appearance that the skin has been lifted. The treatments are not limited to the face, but can be used around the neck area too reduce the swelling around the face and neck and create the appearance of youthful and tight skin.

There are very few risks that come from the Microcurrent treatments, in comparison to facelifts and laser treatments which are used as an alternative to this treatment. The skin is not injured throughout the process and therefore the cells of the skin are preserved.

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