The Truth About Spending Money on Looking Good…

Many people nowadays tend to get pressured to look good. In fact, in a recent research conducted by The Nielsen Company it was shown that almost all of US Consumers attest to the fact that the pressure to look good has never been so great. This burden done on these people, however, does not automatically translate to people buying or feeling obligated to purchase health and beauty products that do nothing but artificially cover up their feeling of not being too good-looking.

As a result, Americans, along with the majority of people across the globe, feel that buying beauty products does not really contribute to their need of feeling beautiful and attractive.

This, however, “doesnt necessarily mean that consumers are compelled to spend more on beauty products and treatments. It seems the older you get, the less you spend, as teens and consumers in their 20s spend more in this category, said Shuchi Sethi, VP of Nielsen Research Team.

Along with many of the obvious products that most Americans cannot bring themselves to buy, the Nielsen research was able to also find out that:

  • Less than a quarter of US consumers (23%) agree that they spend more on beauty products and treatments. On a global scale, 30% of consumers agreed they spend more than they used to.
  • When consumers do invest their personal grooming dollars, US respondents reported spending the most on hair care (81%), skincare regimes (61%) and facial treatments (47%).
  • The fewest US dollars go to hair removal (21%), tanning (23%) and eyebrow/eyelash tinting and shaping (29%).
  • If money were no object, US consumers would spend the most on body massages, teeth whitening, hair care, facial treatments and manicures/pedicures.

The reasons identified by the Nielsen team why these products do not appeal too much to American buyers mainly suggest that personal grooming is the best way to maintain good idea of beauty and it will actually yield better self-esteem results than buying beauty products from the market that not only cost much, but also sometimes a bit more hazardous to one’s health.

This finding does not, however, suggest that more and more people are ignoring the effective use of alternative products to maintaining that ideal beauty that most people aspire to become.

Effective services like sunless airbrush tanning, laser hair removal, botox, organic facial peels and other alternative beauty-maintaining methods still appeal to a huge  number of people in the market looking for fountain of youth products, according to the Nielsen Research report.

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