Tim Stack from Popwatch.com Gets Spray Tan with ‘Jersey Shore’ Girls


Tim Stack from Popwatch.com, went to the salon and got a spray tan accompanied by Snooki and J-Woww while hanging out in Miami during the filming of season II back in May. Jersey Shore Executive producer Sally Ann Salsano also came along. Tim hadn’t initially anticipated going to the salon, he was just there for an interview, but they wanted him to get the full experience. Let’s just say he was persuaded.

“I’m half Irish and have the skin tone of a leprechaun. But with a little prodding from Snooki (I believe the sentence “You’ll look so much sexier” was bandied about), I had my first spray tan. And, um, I kinda loved the results,” said Stack.

The  photo above features  the stars and the pop culture  journalist at one of the girls’ favorite bars on Miami Beach,  the Miami Vice.  A spray tan is the quick and healthy answer to looking good without damaging your skin.

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