Five Myths of Spray Tanning Dispelled

spray-tan-dallas-mythsWith all the benefits of spray tanning, it seems there would be no objections, with all the articles which have come out over the years about the damage that tanning beds can do. With all the innovations, even today,  there seems to be several myths surrounding spray tanning (also called sunless tanning). This article is an attempt to dispel five of the most common myths of spray tanning. Some of these have never been true, others have only become false because of the improvements in products and services of the industry.

  1. Sunless spray tanning uses unnatural chemicalsFalse. The spray tan solution solution is mostly made from purified water which has been filtered down to a specific micron (particle) size. Also, for coloring plant sources such as beet sugar. These natural ingredients cause a natural tanning of the skin when applied at the right concentration.
  2. Sunless spray tanning will turn my skin orange or yellow False. Most high-end solutions at reputable medical spas have products which tan each subject his or her natural tan color, as if it were naturally occurring. These solutions have gotten much, much, better over the years.
  3. Sunless spray tanning process requires me to be completely nude – False. Underwear, bikini or a  swimsuit,  is perfectly acceptable.
  4. Sunless spray tanning will make me smell – False. Unlike many other spray on alternatives, the product Evanesque uses in their Dallas spray tan services is Bronze Biologic, which has no odor.
  5. Sunless spray tanning is for women only – False. A high percentage of men get spray tanning done on a regular basis. They want to do what’s best for their skin and look their best as well.

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Evanesque offering spray tanning in their Uptown Dallas med spa. You can get the rest of your questions about spray tanning answered on their website.   Book an appointment today.

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