Spray Tanning during Pregnancy

Spray tanning, also known as airbrush tanning, is often used as an alternative to tanning-bed tanning. Spray tanning allows us to limit the exposure of our skin to harmful UV rays, including UVA and UVB rays. Spray tanning allows the user to step into a booth and be sprayed with a bronzing solution, front and back in as little as one minute! Spray tanning or using self tanning solutions, is one of the best solutions while pregnant, to preserve the health of your child. Spray tanning, which is an alternative to Mystic tan,  does not come with the added risk of becoming overheated in a tanning bed and raising the body temperature high enough to harm the developing child.

There is one active ingredient which is used in the majority of bronzers  that has met spray tanning during the time of pregnancy with some controversy. DHA is used as a strong chemical which is able to penetrate the skin enough to give us the faux-glow that we all desire, especially through the winter season when the sun is down and you are feeling at your palest!

There are measures that you can take to ensure that spray tanning remains safe throughout pregnancy. Ensuring that you wait until after the first trimester can be the safest bet to partake in any tanning activities. At this point in the pregnancy it is important to avoid anything that could pose harm to the body and the developing baby. Waiting until after this point is important to maintain the safety of your child. Being aware of the risks and the potential side effects is essential when choosing spray tan to maintain your glow during pregnancy.

You could be at risk of having an allergy to the ingredients in the spray tanning solutions which are used in tanning booths. During pregnancy, the skin becomes more sensitive and dry, resulting in a splotchy tan. There are many disorders that may become worsened after exposed to the spray on tan solution. Chloasma is one of these solutions, which is a facial pigmentation disorder in which a reddened area of the face is created in the appearance of a mask. This is often referred to as a pregnancy mask. It affects a small percentage of women. In these women, increased skin disorders may come from the condition – leaving their skin more prone to breakouts and increased sensitivity.

Whatever we apply to our skin can affect our skin, but the manner in which the spray tan is applied could leave our bodies vulnerable as well. Does inhaling the spray tan solution have any adverse effects on the body? This solution has been proven safe, but to be sure the mother should avoid ingesting the solution by holding her breath while the tanning solution is being applied to the body.

The color is not permanent after airbrush tanning. It will last from five to seven days and can be extended if you exfoliate before the tanning solution is applied and avoid any textured showered gels and soaps. Ensuring that your skin is full of moisture before the tanning solution is applied and maintaining the moisture after the spray has been completed 

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