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Alternative to Tanning Beds in Dallas – Spray Tanning is the NEW Rage

More and more people, men and women, alike obsess with having a sun-kissed skin all-year-round. Whether it makes them feel better about themselves or they simply want to try out a different look it doesn’t matterĀ  today’s men and women are obsessed with looking good year round. Kristin Perrotta from Allure magazine says, “There are […]

Spray Tanning during Pregnancy

Spray tanning, also known as airbrush tanning, is often used as an alternative to tanning-bed tanning. Spray tanning allows us to limit the exposure of our skin to harmful UV rays, including UVA and UVB rays. Spray tanning allows the user to step into a booth and be sprayed with a bronzing solution, front and […]