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Botox for Men in Dallas

Botox is growing in popularity, especially for men, who are caring more and more about their appearance, the health of their skin and the measures that they can take to prevent the effects of aging. Botox is one of the best ways to take a stand against early aging; men everywhere are catching on to […]

Microcurrent Facials: A Great Alternative to Facelifts

Microcurrent facials are a great way to look younger without the costs, recovery time and invasive procedures that are used when a patient receives a facelift. These types of treatments have been available for the last sixty years and are always being reworked to create procedures which offer the best results. There are many types […]

Laser Hair Removal in Dallas Unplugged

What is laser hair removal?  There are many types of laser hair removal ranging in methods which are used to remove the hair and the costs which are associated with each procedure. As the general properties of laser hair removal, light is used to remove the hair from the skin. The intense beam of light […]

Botox as Treatment for Sweating

Botox is one of the most effective ways to deal with excessive sweating disorder. Hyperhydrosis is the technical term for patients suffering from excessive sweating disorder. There are many treatment courses that have been tried to treat the disorder, but Botox is far above the rest in preventing sweating with a minimal course of side […]

Spray Tanning during Pregnancy

Spray tanning, also known as airbrush tanning, is often used as an alternative to tanning-bed tanning. Spray tanning allows us to limit the exposure of our skin to harmful UV rays, including UVA and UVB rays. Spray tanning allows the user to step into a booth and be sprayed with a bronzing solution, front and […]