Teeth Whitening in an Hour

Teeth whitening are used as a way to increase the value of the smile, cause the teeth to have a healthy and clean appearance and can produce results that can last up to three months. Professional teeth whitening can be completed in as little as one hour and increase the shade of the teeth up to six shades. This could bring your smile to star quality if your teeth have been yellowed from smoking, lack of oral hygiene and yellowing from the consumption of red wine. If you are looking for a quick fix for your smile that can come with a pick-me-up than one-hour teeth whitening is perfect for you!

How are teeth whitening in one hour procedures completed? Lights are used to create the whitening experience in combination with hydrogen peroxide. Throughout the whitening process the hydrogen peroxide is broken down and entered into the teeth. At this point, oxygen is allowed to enter the tooth enamel and dentin (where the majority of stains reside). The whitening process is a combination of the lights and the peroxide creates one of the quickest whitening processes around.

It can be completed on your lunch break at your local dentists, or teeth whitening clinic even at some spas. One of the most popular one-hour teeth whitening procedures is the zoom method. The zoom whitening gel has been customized to provide one of the highest quality whitening systems available on the market a great alternative to whitening toothpaste, trays and strips.

What are the risks of one-hour teeth whitening? Some patients experience discomfort from the procedure as the intense lights can cause the mouth to feel as if it heating up to the point of burning. This is avoided by secluding the gums and lips from the light which will protect them from the treatment. Cotton gauze issued throughout the procedure to protect the gums, lips and even the inside of the mouth. The only aspect of the mouth that is exposed to the light is the teeth. Additional whitening is even seen in the days after the procedure as the level of white continues to increase.

One-hour teeth whitening can cost upwards of several hundred dollars. It allows the patient to experience rapid tooth whitening as an alternative the use of whitening trays. The main ingredient in the whitening process is hydrogen peroxide. This is used in combination with lights to create a whiter, brighter smile that can increase up to ten shades of the spectrum. Gel is used to increase the effectiveness of the procedure, which is completed by a five minute fluoride treatment to ensure that strong teeth are the result of the whitening process.

One-hour teeth whitening can be completed in a simple process, with minimal side effects and immediate results. It is growing in popularity because of the easy nature, financing and great results from one-hour of your time! Teeth whitening can be used to increase your self esteem, if you are seeking a pick-me-up for your mouth; one-hour whitening is the answer!

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