The Befores and Afters of Laser Hair Removal

As we’re about to publish a number of before and after photos to our Evanesque website, this title came to mind.

Before I had Laser Hair Removal (LHR) on my underarms I hated the constant chore of shaving. After, I never give shaving the slightest thought and my skin there is entirely soft and smooth. Haven’t touched my underarms with a razor in over 4 years, I love it. The Candela GentleLase has been a wonderful asset to me and to our LHR clients. Before, my friend Susan had her bikini area treated 3 years ago, she often suffered from the unpleasant effects of ingrown hairs, rashes and the like. After, she raves about how great LHR is and how much she is glad her razor rash days are behind her. She has come in for yearly touch-ups just twice in 3 years, but other than that her bikini upkeep is non-existent. If you haven’t tried it you should at least do some research. Of course you can see the Q&A Section on our website or here are some other sites with pretty good information:, & Hair Removal Forum
After, is way way better than Before when it comes to Laser Hair Removal.  

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