The Timeless Peel Comes To Evanesque!

chemical peels for scars dallasThis medium depth peel is just what your skin needs after exposing it to the damaging rays of the Texas sun. You can dramatically reduce the visible signs of aging, without having to change your schedule!
The Timeless Peel aggressively works to exfoliate dead skin cells and encourage healthy cellular renewal resulting in an age defying, smooth and hydrated complexion. This peel works well for treating fine lines, photo damage, Rosacea and acne by lightening, tightening and perfecting the skin. Say goodbye to pigmentation spots and sundamage.

10 Day Prep Kit ~
These 4 products prepare your skin to accept resurfacing of the peel treatment by allowing maximum penetration for correction and resurfacing benefits.
The Timeless Peel  ~ The peel is put on in our office and you go home with it on. In fact you can keep it on overnight and then wash off in the morning. It appears as a shiny clear gel.
The After Care Kit ~ The 4 product post peel kit has healing, calming and restorative ingredients to promote the responsiveness of your skin. An enzyme treatment is included to help remove traces of flaking skin while keeping your skin moisturized. The peeling is completely manageable with the post kit and mineral makeup may be worn during the 5 day recovery.

The Timeless Peel has gone under a rigorous purification process to ensure quality ingredients. Unlike many other peels that are not what we call chirally-correct, an allergic reaction is quite rare. It has no artificial colors, fragrances or preservatives and contains premium levels of active ingredients to provide optimal results.

So what are the benefits of Timeless Peel™?

One peel is comparable to 6 microdermabrasion treatments
It promotes intense activity in the skin which leads to growth of healthy skin cells, cell turnover, and sloughing of dead cells while increasing the moisture level in your skin and creating a smoother, more youthful complexion

$225     (reg. $275)
This price includes both the Prep Kit and the After Care Kit!
Call Evanesque today to schedule your Timeless Peel.

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