Underarm Laser Hair Removal Video Demo

Hey all, it’s Jeff again. I’m about to demonstrate a quick laser hair removal treatment on my wife’ underarms in the Dallas med spa office.
It only takes a few pulses per session for small areas of hair removal using a laser (here’s a little secret: my wife has had hair-free underarms for over four years). It’s kind of interesting to watch, as well as relieving. If you look at her face she doesn’t even flinch. That’s because there really is no pain since it happens so fast. Hair grows in cycles, so most patients  require six treatments for hair removal to be permanent. This should be done every six weeks until the process is completed (basically 30 weeks). You can treat multiple areas in each session.

Common Laser Hair Treatments
Many women get hair removal treatments in common areas such as their bikini line, underarm, face, and back. Men tend to use our laser hair removal service in Dallas for back hair removal, ears, neck under the beard line, and back the of neck. Can you imagine never having to shave your neck hair again? Yeah, that’s pretty cool. I wish I would have gotten mine done before going gray. You see it the laser works off the melanin in your hair (or pigment), so the darker the hair the easier it is to remove using a laser.

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