U.S. & World Report “Rough Microdermabrasion Works Better”


U.S. & World Report published an article today discussing what makes microdermabrasion work and to what extent. They reported that a University of Michigan study found rough buffing of the skin does a better job of removing wrinkles and acne scars and stimulating healing than a gentler rubbing. This proves than many of those home microdermabrasion kits are not as effective as what can be done in the medical spa.

The key to improving the appearance of skin is to have the treatment induce the production of collagen, which is an important skin protein, Karimipour explained. Earlier studies had found that aluminum oxide microdermabrasion does not always stimulate collagen production, but he said it was not known if that could be achieved with a more abrasive substance.

If the treatment does not make the skin react with collagen to make up for the abrasion, there is not much improvement. However if the microdermabrasion does help the epidermis react with collagen creation, there can be a huge improvement.

The article then goes on to compare laser resurfacing treatments with microdermabrasion saying that laser resurfacing has traditionally be more effective, until now, but more risky. Read the article.

Evanesque is an Uptown Dallas medical spa, offering laser hair removal, teeth whitening, spray tanning, as well as microdermabrasion to Dallas and Fort Worth residents.

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