Uses of Botox

There are various uses of Botox, with multiple treatments being developed to treat a variety of disorders. In the future, Botox treatments are going to be used as medical interventions in addition to penetrating the skin and paralyzing the muscles within the face to create the appearance of smoother, younger looking and healthier skin. Here are some of the various uses for Botox:

Treatment of Enlarged Prostate
The development of Botox to treat an enlarged prostate has been a relatively new development in the medical world. Men over the age of fifty can experience positive results of the symptoms which are associated with an enlarged prostate, including the experience of painful and frequent urination. Botox injections have the ability to decrease the size of the prostate by up to fifty percent.

Treatment of Excessive Sweating Disorder
Botox has been used for almost a decade to treat excessive sweating disorder. Botox is injected into the sweat glands to reduce the amount of sweat is being produced. There are four main areas in which these injections are used; the face, the palms of the hands, the bottom of the feet and under the arms. Injections over a period of sixteen months can decrease sweating up to fifty percent.

Treatment of Wrinkles and Aging Skin
Botox for the prevention of aging is used when injections are made just below the skin of the face. The muscles below the skin are paralyzed and therefore wrinkles are relaxed. It is used as a temporary way to treat aging, and can last up to four months. After prolonged use the results can increase the overall appearance of the face, causing the skin to appear younger while reducing the amount of wrinkles that develop in the skin. It is growing in popularity as a treatment to maintain the youth of women and men around the globe.

Treatment of Migraine Headaches
Botox is used to inject into the head, into the temples, back, front or sides of the head to prevent migraines from occurring. Those suffering from migraine headaches on a regular basis can benefit from the injections which are made into the head.

Treatment of Sagging Breasts
Botox is used for the treatment of the sagging skin that is associated with the breasts. This temporary lift can be seen for up to three months and is being completed in Europe where the Botox is being injected into the pectoral muscles to give the breasts the temporary lift that many women desire. This works on smaller breasts, as the muscles are easier to manipulate.

Treatment of Overactive Bladder
In the treatment of overactive bladder, Botox is used as an injection into the base of the bladder to reduce the side effects that come with an overactive bladder. This can stop bladder leakage on a regular basis and is effective for months at a time. When used in conjunction with medication it can stop the symptoms entirely.

There are many uses for Botox above and beyond these disorders. New treatments are being discovered constantly by researchers learning about new uses of the injection.

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