Will Sunless Spray Tanning in Dallas Reduce Common Tanning Bed Skin Problems?

Getting a bronzed look can definitely make you feel good about yourself, raise your self confidence, and make you look healthy and attractive to others, but does more sun and darker tone mean you are healthier? If you got your dark skin tones through tanning beds and aggressive exposure to the sun, many would argue you’re not healthier. It’s common knowledge sitting out in the sun or going to a traditional tanning booth have both can have long lasting effects on your skin including: early aging, age spots, possibly even melanoma. Many artificial chemical suntans are available on the market, but some are unreliable use questionable chemicals, cause an unnatural “orangish” look. Get the the alternative solution for tanning in Dallas inside.

Alternative Solutions for Tanning in Dallas

There are other ways to tan using natural, organic spray ingredients. These sunless products made from naturally occurring chemicals will leave a very nice bronzed look for 1-3 weeks.

These natural sunless tans can be applied at home or by a professional at a spa or med spa, such as Evanesque. The great thing about these natural products is that there are no harmful chemicals. The tans come in 3-4 shades and give you an even tone when applied to the skin. The natural tans are best applied at a spa so that you can have an even application without any mess or blotches. There are no special preparations. You simply disrobe, turn and in 5 minutes, you go home looking great. Some choose to wear a swimsuit so it looks natural in placement.

The benefits of using natural ingredients for tanning include the following;

  • Fragrance free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Work on all skin types and colors
  • Much safer than exposure to the sun
  • Come in various shades
  • Easy to apply
  • No messy application

The results of natural sun tans are instant. One minute you look pale and pasty and then next minute you will look like a DIVA. Once the tan is applied, it will continue to develop for the next 8 hours and the final appearance is a luminous glow which will attract the opposite sex. The natural tan does not easily come off or rub onto clothes or linen.

Once the tan is applied, it is recommended that you shower after 8-10 hrs and keep the skin well moisturized. Other precautions include avoiding shaving or waxing for a few days. After a shower, do not rub the skin but gently pad dry. For those into heavy sports remember, excessive sweating may reduce the tan color. So the best advice, just lie outside, and flaunt your beautiful looks.

A final word, please note that natural spray tans are not a substitute for a sun screen. So when going out in the sun, wear some type of UV sun lotion.

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