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A non-invasive treatment to gently remove the outer dead layer of skin cells and allow for improved overall skin tone and texture. The treatment also helps to unclog pores, minimize pore size, reduce fine lines and allow for better penetration of topical skincare products.

The Evanesque Microdermabrasion treatment does not stop there, once the fresh new layer of skin cells is exposed, our esthetician prepares a custom mask for your specific skincare needs and incorporates pure oxygen therapy to further enhance hydration. The results are glowing!

How soon will I see results?

You will notice results immediately after your first treatment. Your skin will have a fresh pink glow and smoother texture. Improvements will continue if a treatment program is continued and highly recommended.

How long does a Microdermabrasion treatment take?

The Evanesque Oxygen Enriched Microdermabrasion treatment takes one relaxing hour. Many clients are able to work it into their lunch break and return to the office feeling totally refreshed. A simple microdermabrasion-only treatment is also offered and takes approximately 30 minutes.

How many treatments will I need?

Although incredible results are achieved with the first session, a minimum of six treatments is recommended for long-lasting results. We suggest the treatments be performed every 2-3 weeks. After the first six sessions, you should receive treatments once a month to maintain your youthful-looking skin. Package prices are available for a valuable savings.

Who should consider Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion can be enjoyed by all skin types and for anyone interested in minimizing the appearance of:

  • Fine lines
  • Pigmentation problems
  • Uneven skin tones
  • Dull, lifeless and sun-damaged skin
  • Acne

Microdermabrasion is not recommended for anyone who has taken the acne drug Accutane within the past six months because there is a risk of scarring.

Also, patients who have a history of herpes simplex (cold sores) around their lips should consider taking an oral antiviral medication before undergoing microdermabrasion because it may stimulate a new outbreak.

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