Springtime at Evanesque



Have you been thinking about doing Laser Hair Removal but just haven't gotten around to it? Or how about BioTE Hormone Replacement Therapy? What about that New Years' promise to take better care of your skin? Well, we can help you SPRING into action at Evanesque!










BioTE Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement.


Just ask us why so many of our Evanesque clients are raving about BioTE Bio Identical Hormone Pellet Therapy. Become educated on why this is different than synthetic methods and why it will protect you against many diseases that start to occur at middle age. Choose to age healthier and live happier by balancing your hormones the right way with BioTE Bio Identical Pellet Therapy. 

 Why suffer through the symptoms that come with aging, when there is a solution that protects and restores?  The first step is easy, call Evanesque and we will get your blood work ordered. Once that's done, you meet with Dr.DuChamp, our BioTE physician, to learn in detail about your results and how BioTE can make a difference for you. What are you waiting for? Spring into action today! Call Evanesque Med Spa to get started. 214.575.5252



Will you be poolside ready?


20% Off - One Area pkg. 


30% Off - Two Area Pkgs. 


50% Off - Three Area Pkgs!

Call Evanesque today to get started. 214.575.5252


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